Fernco Coupling Size Chart

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Fernco Coupling Size Chart. They are great for storm and drainage systems. Eccentric flexible couplings maintain a continuous flow-line in critical grade conditions by.

Chemical Couplings CC345G IMP | Fernco - Brazil
Chemical Couplings CC345G IMP | Fernco – Brazil (Lettie Newton)

Large Diameter Couplings are available and can be made to your specific requirements. Because Fernco Couplings have earned a reputation HTRC Corrugated Pipe Flexible Coupling. The dimensional flexibility of Fernco couplings ensures leak-proof.

Fernco pipe couplings and adapters are used for all types of in-house and sewer connections: drain, waste, vent piping, house-to-main, repairs, cut- ins, conductor, roof drains and increasers-reducers..

Fernco Flexible Couplings fit all of these drain pipe materials Where to Buy.

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Fernco Couplings

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Fernco Flexible Chemical Couplings | Fernco – Canada

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Strong Back RC Couplings – 1004 Series | Fernco – US

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Stock Couplings – 1060 Series | Fernco – US

They are great for storm and drainage systems. Product specification for SC Product Code SC Description Flexseal Standard Coupling Material EPDM Rubber. Fernco shielded couplings provide maximum transfer of pressure from the clamps, to the gasket, to the pipe.